Daily Prompt: Discover

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Kamustha Folks!

Discovery – a single word that can pull you out of the soil and make you bloom in this world, is the child of curiosity and creativity that only a few thousands of people are blessed with. Let it be any category ranging from science to oneself, the process of discovery is indeed a tedious one, one that we endure from day to day without even realizing it. For instance, today you might have discovered that you do not like the way your desk is arranged and might have pushed yourself to arrange it in a couple of different ways which portrays both creativity and curiosity and hence you discovered something about your personality (Yes, I made them rhyme).

I do not believe that discovering oneself is a necessity or that we are this jigsaw puzzle that we NEED to figure out before a certain point in our life.

This is my first Daily Prompt post…so cut me some slack …I have literally no clue as to what I am supposed to write or how much 🙂



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