Kamustha Folk!

So today I am going to write about some crappy details and little things the world needs to know about writers. Having a writer as you girlfriend, boyfriend, either of your parent can be quite a challenge but we mean good. We are just too tired with reality to actually give a shit about that new pair of earrings you are wearing or that new shoes. But on the other hand, we could write a whole book as to how you might hav acquired that earing and all those scenarios begin with something creatively made up. So here goes 🙂

Writers! Hmm…we writers are wired a different way. Our dresses or our personality does not speak for us nor does our verbal communication skills ( Hey! but if you happen to be an exception, Congrats). We are defined by our words, style of writing and creative skills. We belong to that category of population stuck between the cool kids and the dorks because when we look at the world, every thing or person is a source of inspiration for a story or a poem . Everything becomes an idea.

So when the next door kids throw a party, we are sitting in our rooms, mentally confirming the commotions to be alien invasions or as the sounds of people screaming for a masked hero to come rescue them. When a teacher scolds us for not being able to solve a math problem, she becomes the villain in a story just made. Oh! We writers are wired a different way.

Misunderstood is probably the word I would use for writers. Their close relation with their characters and their dedication towards writing may put us in a tight spot when it comes to heart to heart chit chat. Yes, the Victorian age poetry reflected the crappy lives the poet had lead or how the love of his life was never there in his life in the first place but he had to write an epic poem about it to grieve hence confirming the future generations endless classes to just figure out what the fuck the whole poem symbolise- his love for her? or his loneliness? But times have changed. YES, literature is still point on in expressing your views and opinions but it has cut us some slack over years. There is no particular standard to measure writing like it used to be before. The canon has been torn apart and filled with ideas that are no longer in a particular sequence ( Alert! if you are a literature student and do not know the literary meaning of a canon…shame on you!)

The common misconception faced by society when it comes to literature is that it consists of classics and classics alone! Oh man, arent you wrong! There are three types of students pursuing literature: the group of students who believe that Shakespeare should just rule the entire friking universe with his ancient    english slang and phrases. The second group are the ones that would be willing to bend the rules of science, travel back in time and just rip apart Shakespeare because they simply do not get the point of his pieces. The third lot are the liberal group of people who are willing to give Shakespeare a shot but only if they are allowed to taste writers that are still alive.

Writers come in all shapes and sizes. Writer could be your eight year old niece.         Writer could be your fifty five year old grandmother. We are everywhere and even though that sounds creepy and we might be creeps noticing your every move out of a cafe window, its only because according to us, you are a special agent investigating the owner of a particular fart existing in the atmosphere ( Sorry…not sorry) .

~ Freida


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