What is your deal…coffee?

Kamustha Folks!

(A piece from one coffee lover to another)

We need our shot of caffeine and if not in the form of coffee, don’t expect us to act sane. To taste coffee in the morning,when the burning liquid of it touches your tongue, wake us up and prepares us to face the day is an experience worth going through every day for the rest of your life.

We all are the same (I am referring to my fellow coffee lovers by the way) yet so different. None of us have the same way of preparing our coffee but cannot imagine a world without them anyway. The long queues in cafes where the customer shouts out a complicating order of ingredients that should be added to their coffee might piss you off but hey we want our coffee to be P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

There is no short cut in finding the perfect mug of coffee. It is a life long process of tasting endless flavors but hey we are working towards an achievement here!

I though I was alone until I finally sat down with a friend of mine when the topic of coffee mugs came in. I had always been particular about the mug I served my coffee in and have an entire rack of coffee mugs that is to be used in particular intervals of time. White in the morning, black at night, blue in the evening, beige when craving hits and so on. My mother has never understood the purpose as to why her weird daughter demands to buy coffee mugs every other month…call it my obsession or whatever!

Another important ingredient that contributes to a good cup of coffee is an equally good book (this does not apply to those who prefer any other sort of ingredient….I did warn you, we all have our specifications). Books add to the sensual pleasure of coffee by exercising your creativity and opening up your brain only to be flooded by coffee. At least that is what I experience every morning 🙂

So, if a guy makes you coffee and you happen to find out that it contains everything you want and also brings it to your bedside…Marry him!!!!!! because

  1. He knows how to make coffee and hence guarantees a lifetime of not waking you up in order to make one!
  2. He knows how to make it right.
  3. He brings it your bedside..I mean ain’t that sweet? It just proves that the practice may occur from time to time and also the fact that he is totally supportive in you being lazy 🙂






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