New Year, Old Grumpy Me :/

I had initially decided to wait until New Year to post this piece but decided to do it prior to the desired date…so here goes 🙂

Kamustha Folks!

I have never liked January 1st. Ok! That is a lie.I used to like January 1st. I don’t like it anymore.I mean I just spent 365 days making mistakes,undergoing crappy days and life changing changes. Do I want to go through all that again?The answer is NO. But I know I have to repeat all the crappy mistakes, stand up for myself and live the next 365 days (i.e by Gods grace ofc). Everyone wakes up on the first of every year hoping and praying that this year they become thinner or find love or get into the college of their dreams or just become a better person in general.

If you still believe that taking up resolutions is going to work or if you belong to that category of people for which it actually works..dont listen to a word I am saying. You go homo sapien! But if you are one of those people who make elaborate plans for the next year and have found that over years it does not usually work out…lets grieve together!

I have no intention of starting a I Hate New Year club so close to a New Year. No, my intentions are not what you think. New Year is a series of days that are grouped together so as to control time. I mean we have found that it is not possible but we did not want to go down without a fight.(Duh! we are humans after all). It is not a new beginning nor is it an end. It is just another day filled with the same actions you did the previous day minus the New Year parties that is. It is no reason to start doing something you have always wanted to do because if you had wanted to do something so badly, you would have already started. But I do have to agree that being brought up in this world filled with people celebrating the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, I do generally like the vibe of January 1st but I have stopped making a big deal out of it. Because its just time. Its all time. Time is running out..for you and for me. So if you are waiting for the next year in order to start doing something..DON’T. Do it already.



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