Witches and Wizards

( A Potter discussion)

Kamustha Folks!

Being exited for the release of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” ruled my emotions this year. However these were not due to the fact that Eddie Redmayne was playing the lead or the fact that the trailer was worth looking forward to but was due to the fact that it ensured the continuation of one of the most remarkable stories the world has ever seen and read. It brought back all the magical spells I learnt while watching the franchise, all the beautiful creatures created by fiction and most importantly it brought back JK Rowling! I have never had nothing but praise when that name came up in a conversations over years. From creating a universe so vast where our generation of kids lived and breathed to teaching us values about love, friendship and family, this woman is a living legend. Be it the dialogues or the loopholes in the stories that are still only being discovered, this woman shaped mine and a million other kids childhood.

It has been five years since the last Harry Potter graced the theaters with its presence ( melodramatic much? cant help it!! ) and nine since the last book was published. It seems like a long time ago but I still remember every detail that could possibly be remembered about both the books and the movies. Being a reader, I tried my best and failed miserably to complete all the books before I saw the movies but I was too young a child to start reading books without pictures on them and those that had more than two hundred pages. My first experience with Harry Potter was completely mislead with me watching the third part of the movie franchise first and reading the second part of  book franchise without even realizing that that the whole thing was called a series for a reason. However, thanks to my fellow homo sapiens, I corrected my mistakes and redirected towards the right path of following the order and thus started my obsession. By that time the first four movies had already been released and hence I did not have to wait like some of the people I know. I remember them saying it was torturous and I would know because I walked with them after concluding the binge of the first four movies.

So, yes I was obviously both exited and terrified at the reopening of that universe that many of us considered to be “our” past. The past that the kids these days would never understand( their big fat loss!). Now, I was exited for the most obvious reasons and was terrified for the same. Harry Potter has literally been the only book adaptation that was actually welcomed by the world but I was scared as to whether the people of this world was ready to get a prequel. What if the story gets diluted? What if the magical universe was a thing of the past? What if people had got tired of witches and wizards? What if…                      Bombarded with all these questions, I patiently waited for the movie to hit theaters and boy did it hit!

I have a weird habit of being disappointed if a particular movie I like or a movie having a particular actor I like does not perform well at the box office. The truth be told, I was shit scared for Fantastic Beasts. Life did not allow me to go watch the movie on the day of release like I had previously planned but I did watch the movie that had already grossed quite an amount of $$$ at the box office. I remember coming out of the movie hall, smiling because though the movie was not as great as Harry Potter, I realized that comparing the two just was not fair. The movies are indeed set in the same universe but both the movies bring about a different vibe.

I loved the movie if you think I am trying to establish otherwise. The characters were enacted well and OH MY GOD….the creatures were cute as a button!! So here is me joining that line of people yet again awaiting the second part of this movie which will be released in 2018 🙂




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