TOXIC WASTE (between us) #1

“Mom, I specifically specified orange. Not yellow”

“Ya I know, communication issues between the designers, that is all”

“So you are going to repaint my new room right? because I do not want to wake up to bright yellow walls every single morning for the rest of my life! I rather die than sleep in a room that looks like a banana”

“If you want it then yes we can ask the painters who have been here for the past two days trying to paint your room to scrap the paint off.”

“Nice try mom. I am eighteen now. I do not feel bad for people who get my directions wrong.”

“Oh! Well I tried.”

“Bye Mom”.

Parents right? Well let me rephrase, MOTHERS! (rolling my eyes off here).


If you are wondering what is up with the pointless conversation above, I am indeed going to tell you!

So Toxic Waste (between us) is a new set of musings and thoughts that I have added to my blog. These are basically pointless conversations or thoughts I have had in recent years that makes me smile when I think about them. Well the above one is that between my mother and I which you already might have figured it out by now. My house is under renovation guys! And the pressure a teenager has to go through in order to get the room of her dreams look at least look like a room is indeed exhausting.


So Toxic Waste(between us) is going to magically appear in my blog every week. Do follow to get updated on all my latest posts.


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