TOXIC WASTE (between us) #2

Me: What would you do if I for instance realize quite later in my life that I am a lesbian or a bisexual?

Ma: What?

Me: Lesbian as in I will be sexually attracted to girls and bisexual as in I will be sexually attracted to both guys and girls.

Ma: Whaaaat? Where is all this coming from? Why are you asking me all these questions?

Me: Because I want to know, that is all.

Ma: Are you one?

Me: That is not exactly an answer to my question.

Ma: Well…I would still love you the same. Now tell me are you one?

Me: Yes, I am.

Ma: Okay.

She resumes reading.

Me: I am joking.

Ma: Okay.

My mother was not aware of the fact that her 18 year old daughter would ever ask her such a question. She was not aware of it until that night. However she refused to react any different. I realized that night that her love could not be explained. Irrespective of what your mother does, they may always have your best interests at heart most times in most cases because I do not know your mother but I know mine and I love her.



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