Questions and Answers

“Do you think this country will ever change?” she asked as she began her lecture. Sleeping in this class was the sole purpose of mine as it usually dealt with topics that have been discussed and debated over the years of my life. However, this particular day, this particular questioned heightened my senses. What did she mean, I wondered? “I am very sure you might have seen the CCTV footage of the atempted rape of a girl walking down the street on New Years Eve!”. We had as it was all over social media and not to mention the amount of times my parents told me to be careful since I belong to the same city where the above incident and a rising number of gang molestations had been reported in the past week alone. She repeated her question. ” Do you think our country is ever going to change? Do you think men are going to stop treating us as objects craving their sexual attention? Do you think that men are going to learn the basic values of being a human being?”. We stared at her, our eyes screaming out the answer not having the courage to answer out aloud. However she did. “No” and just like that she had my attention. She did go on to mention so many valid points about women and their objectification before she came to another question that got my attention. “What do you think motivates men to molest us and control us sexually? Is it dominance that they are trying to prove? Is it because they somehow over years have misunderstood our behaviour as permission to take our bodies for granted? Is it because they can do whatever they want with us and suffer no repercusions?”. So as we girls sat in that class that day, wondering the answer to the question she just put forward, trying to find someway to justify the reasons of rape so as to prevent ourselves to not hate on an entire gender. 

Women is art. We are art. We are that gender that has been threaded carefully with beautiful breasts that provides life and vaginas that bring life. We are that gender that suffer snark comments on bus stands, judgment from parents and so on because we were made by the universe to take on so much hate and still never have the power to break us. When men think that they can place their hands and destroy the art we are, they are wrong. What they don’t understand is that when art is made, it never stops being art. A painting destroyed is still a painting. A statue destroyed is still a piece of art. We destroyed is still art. 

I am a girl and I am not a feminist. But when someone disrespects the gender to which I was born into, words have to be exchanged. The world is not a safe place, never was and never will be. You can work towards a better world but humans and the way they behave are not something that can be controlled. Somethings have to be accepted like how we girls will have to take care of ourselves and can never pass a stranger without having the nagging thought in the bottom of our hearts that the stranger could rape us. Yes, a group of women are fighting against remarks as to how women should not party all night and return home late or pay heed to strangers. But, will this fight and arguement ever reach a conclusion? Will these women ever be granted their wishes? I would like to wait and watch. The world has seen revolutions bigger than this. We have destroyed countless human lives in the name of war and uprooted rich kings all by the power of actions. 

Women were born to offer much more than their body. Women were born with brains to solve and hearts to forgive. 



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