Having recently migrated to a new country myself, here are a few things you might need to figure out before you move to a city or any place new as a matter of fact. Being Indian, what I say or had experienced might not hold true for quiet some of you but again moving is a common phenomenon that affect people more or less the same.

   Kamustha Folks!

I had prepared my entire life to that very moment. I knew that day was coming ever since I joined kindergarten and knew that eventually a day will come when I will have to leave my parents and go to a different country to get a degree. But nothing prepared me for what was about to befall. (Not true! My mother was super careful in advising me about the do’s and the don’ts and had me prepared for the worst of the worst but I still felt weird having to uproot my whole life and start again).

  1. Most people feel home sick and if you are one of those people, its time you got over it. Home is where you are, not where your parents nurtured you or where your friends are but simply where you are currently standing. That is your home.But feeling an amount of home sickness is actually healthy because that simply means you mind is preparing you for a change. I, however never felt home sick and its not because I do not love my parents or my room as a matter of fact, the two most priced possessions in my life but because when everything around you reminds you of incidents that have had happened in your life living in a particular country, you yearn for a change. You want to start somewhere new as a person no one knows. Your past simply turns into a series of lessons and you stop paying for the consequences of your actions. However, if its home sickness at its worst there is only one thing you can do: communicate. Communication might not always be between two individuals but if you are fine in channeling your emotions vocally, go ahead but make sure you find the right people to do so which I will be discussing later. But if you find it uncomfortable to talk to people then talk to yourself. This can be done in variety of ways, some including creating a world within your world where you are allowed to explore and experience yourself i.e your own very mind palace. Other ways include buying a diary or writing down what you feel in forms of entries or poems or columns. Certain chat columns also allow you to be anonymous and helps you let out a certain steam by talking about what you feel to a group of kids going through the same changes but this option should be chosen at your own risk. Be careful as to whom you are disclosing your information. Make sure the chat room is safe and do not enclose any personal details. The point is to only let of a little weight anonymously.
  2. Friendship is an important aspect of moving. It is usually an emotion that can make your moving quite difficult. The act of leaving your friends that you have known for a major part of your life and having to start this relationship from scratch can tend to be exhausting but trust me if you find the right people, there is nothing more fun. The process of making friends is indeed an important part of feeling comfortable in your new environment and I have been advised since the beginning of time to chose friends wisely because according to my parents and teachers, friends shape the person you are. However, I do not believe so. If you are a timid person by heart who have conflicting views on the human you are then yes, the people around might have a large impact on the person you are. But if you are someone who have accepted your personality and the act of fitting in is no longer a necessity, go ahead and create a group of friends that include kids who party their way through, read their way through and those who use sarcasm as self defense! I guarantee you, they will take you on a roller coaster ride. But if you are someone who gets tempted by the lights of the city( which you must not be ashamed to admit), choose the people around you a bit more wisely. The whole point is to explore the city but at the end of the day hit the bed feeling oneself. The glitter of the city is quite tempting and elders say do not give into it. But the glitter should be explored. I mean if people were not curious as to why the sky sparkles at night, we might have not discovered space but we all sleep at night knowing we belong to earth.
  3. Apps: You better get the right apps installed in your phone before you move to a new place or else you may get lost and never find your way back(literally!). This generation with its amount of unhealthy dependence on technology is where you are born into. So embrace it. Google maps might just make living in a new country not so annoying. You want to visit a store or get something to eat, GMaps to the rescue! If in case you belong to that amount of population that do not use Google Maps (which was me last year), you better learn as to how to use it. Google Maps is basically an app that shows you the way to literally any place you want go with lists of buses that you hav to take, the amount of time and distance that will be covered and the amount of traffic on the way and also shows alternate routes with less traffic. However, since it requires internet and if you do not by chance have enough data the only way is to carefully observe the roads that you are most likely to travel through every day. Making yourself aware of the shops or any other landmarks in or near you is also important. Other apps (based on my stay in India) that might prove useful include Zomato and Swiggy. The difference between the two above apps should be notified. Zomato is an app that is in partnership with the restaurant you are ordering from while swiggy sends its employees to collect your order and deliver it to you. If you and your pals want to stay indoor on a Sunday but still eat restaurant quality know which app to choose! The moment you touch down in a country, pray to god that Uber cab service is available (if you are wondering whether such places exist…I was in such last year). Uber is literally my life saver. From transporting you to anywhere, it also ensures a tracking service where someone else can track the whereabouts of the cab you are currently travelling in. Therefore it is quite safe. If you are in a country where the weather changes every day, you might want to download the weather app and keep yourself posted. You do not want to step outside without an umbrella and reach your destination dripping wet or chose to leave your hair open on windy days (#girlproblems).
  4. Language: I belong to a country where learning a single language is of no use. My country has 29 states and each state has their own language. Hence, a single language is not going to help you communicate with the residents. So, if you are in a country where the language being spoken is foreign to you, find a friend or simply a person who can communicate in your language as well as the local language. Asking you to learn an entire language would be a lot but if you are someone who gets the knack of a new language pretty quickly or is just basically interested in getting to know the language…go ahead. But if you belong to the lazy bunch for whom learning one language took nine years (Yup! I am that bad at learning a new language) you might want to read further. Ask your friend to help you with sentences that you think might be used on a daily basis. For example:

              1. Which way is the bus        stop/railway station?

              2. Take the left/right here.

              3. Will this bus/auto take me to so and so place?

 The above are some of the lines I have covered. So, find sentences or questions that you think might come in handy and learn them. 

This piece will keep getting updated every time I learn something new. I am going to write this piece as it goes. If you have any concerns about moving to a different place or want to contribute to the list of things a person would normally go through, do write to me and maybe I can include it in my list.





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