TOXIC WASTE (between us) #3

Her : I am hungry!

Me : Not again..please not again.

Her : Too late…my tummy demands food.

Me : Why don’t you for once eat your tiffin. I mean your cook makes the best of everything and you give it off to us, not even having a bite of it. 

Her : When one has the same cook since birth, the food gets boring and monotonous. It can get annoying. So lets go to the cafe. I need a waffle!

Me : If it is going to be like the last time and the last to last time where you have a bite of the waffle and offer the rest to us because you are full….count me out!

Her : Well, what am I supposed to do if I have had enough?

Me : God! Why can’t you just have normal eating habits?!

I have been fortunate enough to come across this girl last year who has managed to make laugh at her weird habits and thoughts. This piece is a repetiton of the weekly conversation of her wanting to go eat waffles at a nearby place but never being able to eat the portion completely and often asks us to finish it for her.

Though I sound exasperated I am secretly happy to get free waffles 😉



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