Kylie? Whaaa!!??

Imagine a class. Just like any other class. Any other class with tables and chairs. My psychology teacher has opted to teach us about power motives. So she started the topic by asking us to write down the names of any five powerful people that we have heard about. Easy task ain’t it? Write down Trump, Obama, Modi or so that is what I expected everyone to do. The teacher suddenly picks up my friend who is sitting next to me and asks her to read out the list. 

(It is probably time that I let you in on the crazy bunch of friends that surrounds me just a bit. This friend whose name is not going to be enclosed is not like any other friend I have had. Instead she belongs to that category of girls that I have spent a life time avoiding. She is the girl who would stand in the middle of the road and create traffic jams just so she could take a selfie. She is the girl who would take you to the library, not because she wants to impart knowledge into her head but because the lighting is good. She is the girl who applies and reapplies her lipstick time to time. Get an idea people.)

She stands up and starts reading her list. She starts off her list

“Donald Trump

Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian…”

The whole class started giggling. I stared at her is disbelief. Wait Whaaaa!!???

She sat down quietly not understanding the reason for the giggles surrounding her. She was also completely oblivious to my mouth hanging open. You may call me overdramatic but something in me created a large amount of surprise to be showcased. “What is wrong with you? I cannot believe you just read out that list!!” I exclaimed. “Wha? What was wrong with my list?”. “Dude, you did not just mention Kylie Jenner as powerful or her half sister for that matter!”. “Eh? Whats not to believe? Have you seen the amount of influence she has on the teens around the world? Every top or dress she wears is international news” she replied. I looked at her, her answer not helping me wipe off the smart smirk on my face. I felt like I knew the world better than her. I wanted to call her dumb and stupid but my ego was soon put to check.

My other friend sitting on my other side, hearing the whole conversation declares “She has a point”. 

(Readers, this friend is the complete opposite to the other one. Smart and intelligent who can use a number of poetic lines to describe a sunset in the most creative way. She is the one who would dissolve her head in reading essays and classics. The one who already has a job of tutoring kids. The one who knows what to do with her life. You know, the sensible and smart one.)

The above reasons explained my shock. Miss know-it-all smirk from my face. When asked to explain, she said the following:

“Freida, you follow Kylie Jenner on all her social media platforms. You have your own opinions about the photos she posts or her snaps. You also secretly want all the make up she has released and even though you would not for the world admit it, you know it is true. Everything she says, just like you is followed by a whole generation. Everything she does influences a whole lot of teenage girls. I don’t understand why one would not call her a person who has the power to influence” 

I had to say something. But everything she said made sense. We kids have indeed granted power to certain people to influence us. Our generation has indeed made certain people powerful without even realising it. She, hence successfully wiped the Miss know-it-all smile from my face. 

My conscience has, to this point of the day not accepted the counter statement to my expression or the explanation but I blame it on my ego or the intense inability to accept that I am wrong. After all,I am only human!        ;/


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