Kamustha Folks!
When was the last time you took a break? Not a vacation necessarily because it is rarely possible to just throw away work and go on an extravagant vacation, you know…sipping martinis by the beach or whatever you think a vacation should be. And while some of you are financially and emotionally capable to do so…Congrats! (You just found that people do have crappier lives than yours :/ )

Anyway, so not my point. I am talking about a break. And when I say break, it could be from anything. A chore you do everyday or a person you are forced to put up with or anything for that matter. A difference. When was the last time you brought a difference into your life? 

Guys! If you are happy with your life that is if you are sitting on your bed and feeling perfectly happy… 🙂 then you are going through a high in your life that may turn low any second so if you think you can spare yourself from reading further, think twice. But, if you are someone that have been perfectly fine with the monotonousness ( if that word even exists) but have recently started feeling like the walls in your room are closing up on you and choking the life out of you…hmm (not guarenteeing you help but do read on) 🙂

I recently took a break. I took a break from studies. I took a break from the normal route I walked on. I took a break from the usual cup I use. I took a break from my growing use of WiFi. I took a break from the environment I lived. Three days was the duration of my break, while some being a temporarily permanant (YAAAY! I USED AN OXIMORON) change while the others lasted for the amount I wrote. If you guys are thinking along the lines about me going to a hotel because I was too bored with life…the rest of this piece may not appeal you :/

I visited my aunt! 🙂

Yes, not that exiting as I had lead on, I guess but it was definitely an experiance for me. This aunt of mine whose name I refuse to mention has the most beautiful house I have ever seen. I do not mean acres and acres of green land or a house with a large number of rooms or anything extravagant of that sort. It is a simple house as houses go but I believe the beauty of a house can be experianced from the environemnt or the vibe it provides and radiates. The house is designed so as to provide a blend of modern and nostalgia and what I mentioned has nothing to do with the architecture. My aunt has chosen every piece of furniture and show piece on her own even without ever turning her life into the course of an interior designer. (Apparently creativity does not necessarily grow behind the pages of books!). The balcony of this house had quite a beautiful view that paint a picture of greenery and infrastructure together. Sitting on this balcony and contemplating with a steaming cup of green tea became quite a refreshing practise ( also reading ‘Great Expectations’because its quite hard to not include a book along the same line as refreshing). I did not do anything. Nothing at all (which I regret now…with my exams coming up and all). 

The point is, sometimes a time out is much needed and we might need it more than we realise. Hard working is important but as the word speaks for itself, it is hard. So it is often wise to let out a little steam. Do whatever you think can get your mind out of your daily mushy routines because only you can notify yourselves when a break is needed.

Its a Thursday…just like any other Thursday but with this Thursday being Republic Day, one of the few days when all colleges and schools are closed in my country…I resorted to sitting and studying psychology and after about hours and hours of cramming,(Kids! cramming is not the best way to study. Study your portions day to day. I am too old to correct my horrible study habits) I am sitting on my bed completing this piece and constantly listening to my roomates bicker :/

Yeah! I know its been quite some time since I posted but with exams coming and me being a last minute crammer of knowledge, (atleast some of you can relate to that) I haven’t been able to take some time off to write something satisfying enough to post. 



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