Yeah you wish this was some post about about the celebration of love and what not when it is actually the opposite. This post is about runny noses and a currently dysfunctional voice box so when I mentioned the word ‘sickness’ I actually meant it.

Kamustha Folks!

“I am sorry but we will have to rain check on the whole meet up plan” I said over the phone to a friend of mine trying to make my voice sound like a normal human being’s and you have no idea how hard that was. It was like the words had to be cut out from the throat and whew! the pressure my throat had to go through. So after cancelling all the plans that I had was pre-planned during the boring hours of preparation for the exam, I laid down on my bed and did NOTHING! My exams having got over yesterday and being in a room where kids had their last exam today, I had the chance of getting the entire room just for myself and you have no idea how good that feels. One when sick pines for an empty room for a peace of mind and the power it gives you to blow your noses as hard as one’s nose demands (rather gross ain’t it? But bleh….I tried to warn you). I had to give myself a voice rest which was taking a vacation even without me giving it any. So I lost my voice today! Like all you can hear are the sounds of something trying to crawl out in the form of speech and to prevent the possibility of further embarrassment to myself, I decided to not talk. It was a very horrible experience whatsoever, I mean me being a very opinionated person and the brain in me refusing to not acknowledge actions and sentences spoken by others but by the course of three years, I think I am accustomed to me loosing my voice for a week or so. This condition that has been happening for the past four years have often been requested by me to break the chain of misfortunes it brings me every year but then again, the cold coffee looked really good with extra ice (Not really, but it just was too cold). My friends as often friends do, took this opportunity to exploit my patience but one of them was nice enough to go get me medicines probably due to the fear that I was going to cover our entire room with crumpled tissue papers and cough syrups. Though I was doing nothing the whole day today, I learnt two things : a) I suck at handling cough syrups because no matter how carefully I unscrew the tap and put it back, drops of the syrup always seems to be able to drip through the bottle and make a huge sticky mess and b) The value of our voice. I mean we often take it for granted, not even bothering as to how sensitive our body and how one wrong step in the wrong direction may fuck up a tiny bit of you.

So that is how I spent my Saturday…lazy and in bed and fussed over. It was my very first lazy Saturday of 2017 and I am guilty of having actually enjoyed doing nothing!



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