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Sunday Mornings! Alas Sunday Mornings, filled with hatred of going back to school or college or work the next day combined with the utter disgust of being too lazy to wake up and make yourself a cup of coffee. So why does people make a big deal out of Sunday mornings in the first place?

Kamustha Folks!

Yeah, the most funny part is that I am not even writing this piece on a Sunday morning! It is Friday and its a holiday and I am lazing around my room trying to channel the energy to study but in vain. Th procrastinator in me has been getting the better of me since morning, trying to whisper into my brain as to how its going to be a long weekend and that everything could be done even if I waste an entire day doing nothing!

People love holidays, the idea of waking up in the afternoon and fixing yourself up with a feast because your sleep had made you completely unaware of something called a breakfast. So you gorge down your breakfast and your lunch at the same time which over years have achieved the title of “brunch”. Then you walk around, watch some TV, take a long nice shower,go out, meet some friends, eat again and go back to sleep. Now who would not want that? Me. I have never been a person who wakes up late in the afternoon probably because I actually like the idea of putting myself through mornings. I do not like brunches because it messes up with my dietary rotines and usually fucks up my stomach. Then there is this whole thing called studies, a compulsory since I am a student and it is a requirement and with that comes exams and portions to be completed and a whole lot of reading. So basically (especially since I am away from my home) I have nothing to do if I want to be lazy which is the whole point of it but the joy of it is lost to me, quite sadly I must say so. So when my roommates manage to sleep late and have brunches and do nothing for a whole day other than update and reupdate their life on social media and stalk others on the same, I simply sit and wonder about as to how and why wasn’t I born like that. Do not mistake me, I am a lazy person when it comes to homeworks and grocery shopping and things like that but somehow I hate Sunday mornings.

So you should have seen my face, when I woke today (a holiday) morning to see my clock blinking 11:00 AM. I closed my eyes and suddenly knew how crappy it was going to be. I had to study economics, had portions to complete and I had two assignments that needed me to start working, three tests in the coming week and a presentation that was due tomorrow. So at that moment I knew I had to get my body out of bed. So, after waking up and stealing someone else’s breakfast since I had missed mine and the cooks were nice enough to keep the plate for some unfortunate humans, I had to study. So I opened my books, and after three pages into it which took me about four hours, I gave up. I did not want to study or in other words, I had lost all interest in doing so. After contemplating on what to do and finally realizing that I had no interest in contributing to the millions of things I HAD to do, I decided to dump everything on my blog because of no reason whatsoever. So that is how I spent a carefully planned holiday, doing nothing and staring at my computer screen, waiting for motivation to strike.



Do email me your lazy stories and how you spend your holidays at freidapatil@gmail.com and if its worth describing, it will be featured on my blog.

Have a good day Folks!!




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