Kamustha Folks!

Yeah! I wish I was fasting today because then I would be happy that I was put into this position for a reason. But here I am; on the last Sunday of this month, starving for food.

My hostel is great. Now I do not know how many people feel the same towards their but that is how I feel about mine. Its neat and spacious enough for me to survive and though I long for the comfort of my room, I am quite comfortable here. We have a set of maids and cooks that work every day of the week for an entire month making sure we get what we paid for so when the day arrives that they are given a holiday, I know I should not complain.Keeping the room clean is not an issue since it is hardly dirty except when one of us goes home and comes back with loads and loads of food, then it just gets messy but since holidays are far gone or too far away, it is not a problem we are usually face. So what exactly am I complaining about?

The foooooood.

Yeah Guys! No food for an entire day and while some of you might think as this to be the perfect opportunity for a bunch of girls to go out and have a hearty brunch, let me tell you something- we are usually broke! The beginning of every month is when we go full out and experience the luxuries we once experienced with our families back home so where does that leave us at the end of the month? Broke and food deprived. We do not even bother to let our feet touch the floor of our rooms on this auspicious day. Everyone is trying to find an excuse to just cuddle beneath their blankets and do nothing because we are trying to conserve our energy till the next day. Though sometimes we pool in money to go out and buy bread and butter, we are usually too lazy to step out to pursue that means of satisfaction.

However, this Sunday is a little different. A roommate of mine had gone back home and is returning today and over the chat I had with her yesterday, has managed to pack everything that was on the list we wrote to her. So maybe this Sunday won’t be so bad after all, that is if she manages to come back before we die of starvation 😉



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