S: A question!

Me: What is it?

S: I have been itching to ask this question to someone but did not know how people              would take it but its time I let this question be answered and I want you to do the honors

Me:Sure. Go ahead! What is it?

S: Do you think it is okay for people to elope and get married? Like leave their families and run away with their boyfriends and get married in secret and then come back and live with their parents as nothing happened or in some cases, not come back at all?

Me:Well, I would like to believe there are two sides to that story. When looked from my point of view, I do not agree with the idea of eloping for two reasons :

1. It depicts that either you or your partner is not ready to face the consequences of your love and wants to run away from the problem as you might think its the most easiest of solutions. So that just depicts your cowardice. A neighbor of mine when reached the age of marriage disclosed her relationship with this guy to her parents, who refused to accept the relationship. The girl did not fight back on her parent’s decision and ended the discussion by telling her parent that she would only marry him and they would wait till they receive her parent’s blessings. She was 25 at that time. Fast forward a little, her parents eventually agreed to marry her off to her boyfriend when she turned 30. I do not know whether what she did was right or wrong, I mean her parents might have been heartbroken but she at least did not choose the easy way out and for that I admire her.

2. I am not particularly fond of the idea of leaving one’s parents behind when a boy just walks into your life. Parents are people who have supported you in every walk of your life and I do not often understand the concept as to why would one ever leave their parents just for some boy! But then again, opinions differ from person to person and mine is purely based on my values and ethics since I have never been put in a situation where I had to choose a boy over my parents. Hence, my opinion might be that of a girl with no experience in the matter. But that is what I think of it.

S:I totally agree with you! I mean when I ask questions as to why would a girl ever run away from her parents with a boy, I often get answers such as “Its for love. how can you not understand that?”,” What is wrong in it? The girl wanted to run away so she did, you think the boys parents would be this worried? Don’t be so sexist!”.

Me :Like I said, experiences vary so does opinions.

I am so exited to welcome a new character into my life. I recently got a new roommate and though at first I found her really annoying and unfortunately continues to find her so, she is quite an interesting piece of life. She is a science student and hence claims that she does not get the artsy stuff that I talk about and even went to the length of giving me an example as to how people like me when looking at the moon can spin countless poems on its beauty and brightness and when she looks at it, all she can think about is gravitation, tides and its uneven surface. However, she does ask some serious questions that stimulates the process of throwing light on myself, as a human. 

I am quite sure that her list of questions is a never ending pit and would from now on appear in quite a number of my Toxic Wastes. 



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