Wife :   So what about those? Are they dull enough for you and your horrible tastes in everything?

Husband :   My dear, you are pointing at red curtains. Red! Could it get more vivid?

Wife :   I wanted yellow! I am this close to killing myself. I tried telling you that our house needs to be bright and sunny but you were too busy watching the game on TV that you did not pay any attention to what I was saying and now we come here and apparently you want to stick to the plain old grey and unlike the last time, I am putting my foot down!

Husband :   Love, don’t you think we are too old to live inside a brightly lit pumpkin?

Wife :  Don’t you dare tease me! I have been telling you about this for the past god-knows-how-many years!

Husband :  Well then I get to choose the color of the blinds.

Wife :  Ya right! Over my dead body mister.

Husband :  Last time I checked, we are redecorating our house so why is that I do not get a say in it?

Wife :  Because you suck at it, that is why!

Husband :  Fine love! Do what you want with the house. I am going to stand here and watch you boss around the workers.

Wife :  Whatever!

#1 :  Hello Sir! How may I help you?

Husband :  Oh no! You are asking the wrong partner in crime. She, over there is the puppet master and I will pay you whatever it takes to be her puppet.

#1 :  If you could tell me what exactly she is looking for…

Husband :  We are redecorating our house so anything related will do.

#1 :  But Sir, its your house too. Are you saying that you do not get a say in it?

Husband :  Are you new here boy? Where is Mathew? He is usually the one that helps us.

#1 :  Mathew has been shifted to another department sir. 

Husband :  In that case, I am Connor and that over there is my beautiful wife Sasha. We have been married for forty years and every five years, we redecorate our house and over years it became a ritual. Sasha and I are getting divorced in a year and this will be our last chance to redecorate our house and we want it be perfect. So boy, do what you got to do!

#1 :  Sir, I do not mean to intrude into your personal affairs but may I ask why? I mean after all these years?

Husband :  Because boy, no matter what the world says, love is perishable and one day you are going to wake up and realize that you have exhumed every drop of it and all you have left is hatred so in order to safeguard one from it, you go your different ways. You travel, write, eat, sleep around and enjoy what life has in store for you. But she will come back, you see, when I am dying because she won’t let me die alone. She will hold my hands and whisper sweet things into my ears and will look into my eyes as I leave this world. But it won’t be out of love, it will be out of anything but love.

#1 :  But sir, you sound like you still have a lot of emotions persisting in your relationship.

Man :  Its out of guilt, you foolish boy! At the end, that is all what we are left with.

Woman (shouts) :  Honey, red or yellow?



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