smoke RISING.

Smoke rising.
Me, drugged
as she sucked on my poison
and she,
loving every drop of it.

Smoke rising.
Her eyes hiding behind it.
He, waiting.
Through the smoke,
he saw it.
He saw the color of her lips.
Red. Red as the color of Red.

Smoke rising.
She looked at him
looking at her.
Eyes, with lust.
Lips, with want.
Hands on her thighs.
Fingers inching its way through.
Jealousy flashed across his face.

Smoke rising.
The feel of her lips on me.
Painting me red.
Painting me with blood.
I lit.
Bright as fire. I lit.

Smoke rising.
He leaned in.
His lips on her lips.
Sucking on its color.
Wanting it for himself.
Not sacrificing its taste.

Smoke rising.
Her lips on me again.
I refused to light up.
My body, now brown
drying from the red of her lips.
She threw me down
as she drove off
with him.
His lips,
shining red in the street lights.



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