Why aren’t we “that” pretty? ( Toxic Waste #7)

“I think we should just die”.

I looked at her wondering what was wrong this time. She sat on the other bed, holding her phone and swiping up and down her screen.

“What happened?” I asked. More due to the fact that she can get it over with so I can go back to concentrating on MY issue at hand which was in the form of Irving Fischer’s purchasing power of money.

“Why are we so ugly dude?” She asked me.

I grimaced at the word “we”. I mean who wants to be included in that slot of categorisation? Let me answer that for you – No one!

“Why do you say so?” I asked.

“No I mean everyone is beautiful and all but we are not ‘actress’ type pretty”.

I looked at her expecting a more clear reply and she looked at me expecting the same. So instead of continuing this meaningless wastage of time, I jumped in and asked her.

” What do you mean by ‘actress’ pretty?”

“I think we should groom ourselves. I mean if we look this ugly for the rest of our lives, who is going to marry us?”

I started laughing ignoring how she wonderfully evaded my question but that was not the reason for my outburst. She suddenly reminded of a character straight out of a Jane Austen book. We are nineteen years old and she is already thinking of the unhappiness we are going to bring to some random guy in the future which is like nine or so years from now because our faces does not look like an “actress” (and that is only if we decided to get married!)

” You know, the fact that they have such hot boyfriends does not help. Arey Yaar! We need to look hot.” She continued her rampage.

Knowing that if I reply to her really dumb statements of beauty and the immature lines she decided to speak out, I might never pass my Economics exam, I kept quiet. But Fischer decided to take a break from my brain and wandered off while this conversation started ringing in my head.

What is beauty?

Where can you find it?

Does it even exist?

Why does everyone strive for it?

Does the statement that “inside” beauty is actually more important than the outiside one even true or is it a poilte way of saying that maybe some of us do not fit into the societal category of “beautiful” or “hot”?

I do not have answers. I wanted to. Atleast that is what I told myself for the past four hours I wasted on pondering it over. But Alas! I type this piece with no answers to any of these questions.


~ Freida


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