Is it rape if it is legally allowed?


An incident in 2015; the democracy of a democratic India saw a case worth not publicizing because it put forward a situation not seen in this country that grants rights to each and every citizen. What was the case?

Marital Rape.

A woman of this country came forward, daring to point fingers at her husband for raping her.


“She should learn to keep her personal experiences of marriage to herself!’

“What is the women of this country turning into?”exclaimed the people of this democracy.

Do not get me wrong. We were still a democracy with rights for everyone. No one cared that she was hospitalized for her injuries. No one cared about the difficulty she must have face. Why? Because she was raped by her husband and you cannot call it rape because women of this country are manufactured to satisfy the needs of her husband and its not rape if its by one’s husband. That is right!

Marital Rape is legal in India.

Nation wide protests for Nirbhaya but what about the women in your house? What about forcing her to participate in your sexual needs when she does not want to or does not feel like it? Does the word “marriage” give you the rights? Does the word “husband” give you the rights?

I fail to understand.

The bitter story of this woman continues…

The petition the victim submitted to the Supreme Court of India, a court that stand as a representation for the laws that exist in this democratic country, the highest pedestal of law in this democratic country and what did it rule? What did this power house say to the woman? Nothing.

They politely dismissed the case and petition because the tag “wife” made it legal.

Another case, back in the year of 2012. Another woman dared to approach a court in this country. And what did that court rule?

“If a woman denied her husband sex, it was a form of abuse.”

Of course. Of course. We are a democracy after all but we simply care for the men more than the women but do not take it personally. We are only serving the public.

The bitter truth; the worst kind of truth…

Your sister could be a victim, your mother could be a victim, YOU could be a victim. It is not okay my fellow Indians to think, to ever think that if your husband pushes you down and looks you in his eyes; eyes screaming; denying him the permission to do what he is about to do, that it is okay because it is not. It will never be.

Maybe your mother has once said to make your husband happy and to satisfy him because that is your duty as a ‘wife’ but she must have conveniently forgotten to tell you that it should not apply if the ‘husband’ does not satisfy you.

It does not matter if you are a housewife and your husband is working,

It does not matter if you are working and your husband is not.

It does not matter if you are working and so is your husband.

It does not matter because if your ‘NO’ is not taken at value by your spouse, its a problem and maybe, just maybe…

You should realize that.



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