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Wait patiently for my point is formed only in the end…

I recently binge watched a series that was long overdue and had been a subject of my procrastination and anger as it swept away Emmys that according to me should have been awarded to some other shows. Well, guess I should have watched the show before I cursed the show. If you haven’t guessed yet by now, I am taking about The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story. I honestly did not know what to expect when I decided to put myself through it but I did not expect to keep clicking the next episode or finish the entire series within a single day but my outlook on the case is not what I would like to discuss since my opinions are simply based on a show though it did push me to hope OJ suffers for what he did. My attention was mainly drawn to three individuals in the trial- Marcia Clark, Johnie Cochran and Christopher Darden.

Now let me tell you why I found the characters of Cochran and Darden interesting. The former being one of the most amazing advocates I have even seen to be portrayed in a television series and if the real person was anything like him, then respect. As a woman and a human, I was hoping something will fall on his head and he will removed from the face of the earth but honestly, he is one hell of a good lawyer. The amount of evidence lining up against OJ in the first episode made me wonder what the next few episodes will even talk about but damn I was in for a ride. This guy just blew my mind with what he did with the very little amount of anything he had to prove OJ not guilty. He, after observing that facts were not on their side decided to introduce a pawn that was even powerful- emotion. He completely swept the nation apart creating and strengthening the divide between the African Americans and the Americans by wrongly accusing the LAPD with tampering of evidence just because OJ was an African American and honestly it did not help that Mark Fuhrman represented the police force in that court. Let me not even get talking about that son of a b****.

Now the guts of Darden to take that case and fight it was keeping me on my toes the entire season. How the people reacted to it and how he himself faced it was nothing but remarkable and honestly I have a large amount of respect for him for he was a fighter.

I however was not planning to write a review for the series but reading back, I see that I have failed to shut up about the trial but my focus was not on them. My focus was on Marcia Clark. Yes! My feminist hormones were on full fighting mode when her character was first introduced to me because I knew she was a woman in a male dominated profession probably fighting the case that would change America which would naturally lead her to public scrutiny which in this case was over something so stupid as physical appearance. I saw her completely break down because Clark as a lawyer was completely overshadowed by Clark as a woman who as I saw it was insulted for her looks. I mean come on. Female was kicking ass in the courtroom and back home as a mother to her kids all the while trying the win a case of domestic violence and fighting for the custody of her children! I have no idea how she did it and honestly I would have completely lost it and the media was talking about her hair!!??? And the worst part is how other women were actually fueling this observation. This is not the first time a woman was tried in front of others on the way she dressed and it sucks that other women do not come to her defense but instead start the whole thing in the first place.

Unfortunately, it still continues. You know the news that show up after a major award show? You know the best dressed and the worst dressed? Yeah the one you so willingly click on because you wanted to know what trash other women had to say about other’s attire? Yeah! that one. I mean what exactly are we trying to project here? That we are a gender that fights for freedom and equality of women but all the while we, ourselves try to take it all away from other women? The definition of feminism is lost to me among those lines and I continue to search for it!

Anyone and everyone should be allowed to wear what they like and yes opinions are welcome but should never surpass a certain line of womanhood that we all share, if you chose to accept it or not.


~ Freida


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