The fight among the clouds…

Kamustha Folks!

A bored teacher and a even more bored climate

decided to hold a meeting up in my head

as the pencil decided to take notes

my eyes grew bright

and sleep planned an escape route

out from the traffic of my brain

and into the heads of  fellow classmates.



The clouds have a family meeting

with loud claps

and angry exchanges;

disastrous results.

The white draining

the dirt seeping

as mother and father make love,

daughters and sons fight,

and the generation before bickers.

The earth stares helplessly

as the families shout and parade

beyond the reach;

far above, far away.


That little boy cloud has his hair plaited

That little girl cloud tripped and fainted

That little man cloud wants to change its gapes

That little cloud likes other clouds of the same shape

They travel the sky hand in hand

and rotate the world like a merry go around.

They hide light and darkness.

Sunlight and moonlight

craving their permission

to get a sight of their lovechild.

The clouds guard the sky

but soon they will fall

and this time they will be formed no more.


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