Bold Beautiful Red

Gratitude I rotated the bottom of the stick and smiled as it emerged out and went back inside its little tunnel. Just like me, I thought. My sister wasn’t there at home and so weren’t my parents, so I had decided to pay my sister’s room a visit. It is quite rare that such an […]

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The fight among the clouds…

Kamustha Folks! A bored teacher and a even more bored climate decided to hold a meeting up in my head as the pencil decided to take notes my eyes grew bright and sleep planned an escape route out from the traffic of my brain and into the heads of  fellow classmates.   Disastrous The clouds […]

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There lived a man.

Caper His forehead lined with wrinkles a sly smile forming stuck in expression without any movement he lay down on the ground as the earth readied itself to accept him.   He was a good man! Respected and feared but loved none the same. His eyes were always lost as they searched the verandas of […]

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  Magnet “Well?” “You look beautiful.” “And you are not saying this because I have chosen you to be my best man?” “Mostly!” She grabbed one of the cushions in her dressing room and aimed at him. Everyone who knew them thought they would end up happy. Their friendship was a story straight out of […]